Critique of Pure Islam

When someone says that some of the passages of the Quran are violent, and that Islam itself is political, what do you call that? It's an important question. Strangely enough, I've heard it called "racist," which seems very odd. Islam is not a race.

I've also heard it called "Islamophobia," which is also strange, because it's not a phobia.

It is religious criticism. But it's more than that, because Islam is not merely a religion. Islam is also a political system with political goals. So instead of racism or Islamophobia, we could call it religious or political criticism.

But if you call it that, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with it. In a free society, it is a perfectly legitimate activity to criticize religious doctrines and political systems. It's perfectly all right, for example, to point out that the Catholic church frowns upon birth control, or that communism and free enterprise are incompatible.

So when someone explains the political ideology contained in the Quran, it is a completely legitimate activity, and anyone who calls it racism or Islamophobia either doesn't understand what they're saying, or, more likely, they are trying to censor the person. That kind of censorship is out of line in a free society.

The fact that exponents of pure Islam (let's call them "orthodox Muslims") will not tolerate criticism of Islam is one of the main criticisms of Islam. The fact that the Quran itself is adamant about disallowing any criticism of the Quran (and calls for a death sentence for doing so) is one of the most egregious things to criticize about the Quran.

If someone doesn't hire a Muslim simply because the applicant is a Muslim, that is discrimination, and that's a different issue. If someone beats up a Muslim because he's a Muslim, that is a hate crime and is illegal, immoral, and should be punished.

But criticism of Islamic doctrine? It can and should be done. Period. Anyone who tries to shut down the discussion with accusations of racism or Islamophobia is out of line.


  1. The Koran is from Allah's mouth to your ear. Every word, every sentence is a direct statement from Allah. Alone among all the major religions, the Koran is the eternal, direct, recited word of god.

    Also, Allah is fickle. What he says later "abrogates" what he said earlier. For his last word, read Sura#9, Allah's last Sura. Read it knowing every statement is a divine, unchangeable order from Allah. You must obey in 2011 as well as in the 7th century.

    Mohammad is the "Perect Man", and you must try to emulate everything he did. When he tortured a man to get treasure, then beheaded him, and then raped his wife, this is a perfect act. When he ordered two men to have their eyes burnt out, their hands and legs cut off, and then left to die in the desert sun, without water, this was perfect.

    When the Koran talks about the Sun setting in a muddy spring, this is Allah's direct word. When Allah says meteors are missiles hurled by angels to scare away eavesdropping jinn, this is Allah reciting it to you. When Allah says mountains are pegs to keep the Earth still during earthquakes, this is eternally true.

    Read Sura#9, and realize every stement is direct order from Allah, unchangeable, and mandatory. Luckily for us, most Moslems do not know or follow their Koran mandates.

    Christians love God. Muslims fear Allah. An uncrossable divide.

    1. YO HOMER,

      Have you you EVER read Sura 66 & studied the background behind it? How Mohammed got caught with his pants down & copulating with Miriam, the Coptic slave, in Hafsa's bed?
      How Mohammed swore an oath that he wouldn't do it again, if Halsa didn't tell the other wives? How Hafsa went & told Aisha & he got a bollocking from her & the rest of the wives? How his imaginary friend, ALLAH came to his rescue & gave him sura 66?

      The Koran is a JOKE!

  2. Singapore's Minister Mentor Emeritus / Elder Statesman LEE KUAN YEW Denies Calling Islam ''A Venomous Religion''


  3. when i read the first readers comment dated March 1st, im extremely concerned, that in todays society people still prefer to live in the dark ages. I just cant get my head around the perfect man statement thinking its ok to behead and rape. Perhaps Richard the Lionheart could see the future and that why he decided to wipe out all the muslims during the crusades. The West isnt perfect by any means but its got to be better than at a total loss for words

  4. Readers, critics, or students of Islam should read: Critique of Islam by Obadiah at Kamuh. com. He is enlightened.

  5. Citizen Warrior offers multiple lots of lots of great information and well thought out material that all of us can use when speaking with non-Muslims who we would like to educate in a non-threatening approach. I learn tons of great ideas from this site. There is a statement at the top of the page that states, "Our goal is to oppose Islamization by exposing, marginalizing, and disempowering orthodox Islam."

  6. No. I don't want to live a world that never changes. ZUtopias are like bee hives. Everybody has a place No self improvement.Kinda like Saudi Arabia

    Everybody knows not to critisize the powers that be.

  7. Become educated. Stop Islam from Spreading. Stop the disease. The more we know as free people now, the better prepared we will be. We CANNOT go back to the Dark Ages.

    I find some humour in all of this intensity. We are fighting an Idealogy and people who want to live in a lower standard of living than the Caveman did. How funny is that!? We have a billion people on the earth who want to live like Cro-Magnon man. Honestly...were is the common sense?

    Western people must stand for western culture. If the Savages want to live like Savages stay in the Middle East. Allah is the Moon God of the Barbarians.

  8. To the first comment dated 2011: We need to bring back Richard the Lion Heart. Muhammad was only the perfect man if you are a Psychopath.