What is Islamic Doctrine?

The Koran is not the only important source of Islamic teachings. There are three main sources of Islamic doctrine: The Koran, the Hadith, and the Sira. This is sometimes referred to as "the Islamic Trilogy."

The Koran is a collection of revelations given to Mohammad by the angel Gabriel.

The Hadith is a collection of anecdotes about Mohammad, and sayings of Mohammad.

The Sira is the biography of Mohammad.

The Koran cannot be understood without reference to the Sira and the Hadith because many of the revelations in the Koran refer to incidents that were happening at the time of the revelation in Mohammad's life.

If you want to become acquainted with Islamic doctrine, become acquainted with these three Islamic sources.

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  1. Evil multiplied Islam a curse on the world

  2. I began to read the Koran. It was such a hateful, gluttoness and sexually depraved book that I felt filthy reading it. I put it down and cannot force myself to continue reading these secular and demonic proclamations.


  3. Bill Warner condensed the Koran (removing repetitious parts) put it to a time line according to the life of Muhammed. It makes it more easy. Everyone in the West should know as much as they can about the Koran, Sira (Muhammed's biography), and the Hadith.